Initial check

Before beginning the process of refinishing & polishing we carefully check & make sure that all settings are secure, clasps are in good order.

Once this is done the item is thoroughly cleaned, when possible use an ultrasonic machine and a steam cleaner. Certain stones like Opals, emeralds and pearls need to be hand brushed using a non-powerful cleaning solution. The item is then dried & double-checked.

Polishing process

We use a full range of various polishing wheels & mops with several compounds. The article is carefully buffed to remove surface scratches & imperfections.

The final polish will produce a high lustre & restore the item to its former glory.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Once the item is polished we then clean off any polishing compound residue. This is normally done using a combination of ultrasonic & steam cleaning methods.

When this has taken place the item is rinsed with clean water and carefully dried, inspected and packaged ready for collection by the client.

Rhodium Plating

We can restore your jewellery to look like new again – rhodium replating gives your white gold jewellery a mirror-shine finish.

Rhodium is a member of the platinum metals group.

Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaner uses high pressure steam, to remove any remaining traces of grime and polishing residues.

Contact us to discuss your polishing & refinishing needs.