Perhaps a gift voucher, or a piece of jewellery that comes with a paper guarantee or certificate, such as a watch or a nice diamond?
We’re working on this one!
A leather covered hip-flask.
A pendant or charm in a fruit shape.
A wood and silver jewellery box or wine coasters.
Our silver Rolo keepsake or a silver box full of sweeties?
We’re working on this one!
We’re working on this one!
We’re working on this one!
A pewter hip flask or tankard?
A stainless-steel watch? Lanes have a large selection.
Don’t forget that a fine diamond ring could easily be put in a silk lined ring case. Or perhaps pin a lovely gold brooch to a silk blouse as a suprise present?
Rings or earrings set with either, or perhaps beads.
Ivory was the traditional gift, but its trade is now restricted by international treaty. A watch with an ivory coloured dial would be an alternative. Or an elephant charm – with tusks!
We’re working on this one!
We’re working on this one too!
Jewellery, watches, picture frames, ornaments are just a few possibilities.
Earrings or the English lady’s favourite, a row of pearls?
The most precious of precious metals, Lanes stock a wide range of platinum jewellery.
Tradition has it that is a ruby ring but how about a pendant or a nice pair of ruby earrings?
It doesn’t have to be blue, sapphire comes in all shades except red. Pink sapphires are a good alternative.
Lanes have a huge choice of gold jewellery – earrings, brooches, pendants, rings, necklets and watches to name but a few.
Don’t like emeralds? What about an emerald cut gemstone, that way you can get a special diamond five years early!
Lanes carry a huge choice, if you want a watch instead there are several that are diamond set. There are no official 65th or 70th anniversary gifts, but Lanes will sometimes receive inquiries for such things. More diamonds have been suggested!