Over the last few weeks, I have been working closely with a very talented videographer and editor, planning on creating an up to date promotional video for our jewellery store ‘Lanes Jewellery’.

Filming at Lanes

Our aim is to give an excellent insight to our store, showing customers what is to be expected when visiting us. Expressing our customer service, presenting the quality of our products, even behind the scenes footage of our highly equipped workshop that we have on the premises, and more.

Over our social media platforms and advertising features, I find the most interest and feedback we receive is when we focus on using image led content. Thus, I am very much looking forward to adding video to expand our avenues of advertising.

The filming is now underway, it has been great fun, and everyone at Lanes got involved! I am most excited about the footage we have from in our workshop, as it will really show the true ‘nuts and bolts’ of the jewellery trade, which I believe is going to make great viewing. It is not something the customer generally would see. It is not all glitz and glam as you might expect! 

Goldsmiths still use very traditional methods, and many of the tools we use have not changed for 100’s of years. Along side that; we also use some of the most up to date equipment available, allowing our finished products to be as precise as possible.

We look forward to releasing the video in July!

POSTED: 05, Jun 2015